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UFC Ticket One of the best in sports

UFC Ticket One of the best in sports

‘The most exciting Sporting event you will ever see live.’

Those were the words of UFC President Dana White as he described the feeling of being at a live UFC event and how a UFC ticket will guarantee you one of the most exciting events in sports today. Is he right? Let’s look at the facts.

When the UFC debuts in 1993 it spend years in small venues throughout the United States and the only trouble with finding UFC tickets was figuring out where the venue was. In other words, the UFC played to small venues with the high end ticket price was around $100.

By the early 2000s the sport was dying a slow death. The government had banned it in most states, the venues shrunk and many fighters became penniless. It was only when the Fertita brothers (along with White) came along and purchased the organization of the UFC and things began to turn around. The successful of the Spike TV show The Ultimate Fighter gave rise to a new breed of fans and the UFC turned the corner and began to turn the corner.

Arenas got bigger, UFC Pay Per View sales went through the roof and a live UFC event was one of the most exciting spectacles in all of sports.

What do they do that is so different?

The music

The UFC decided to take their fights and give the fans a rock concert. Not an actual rock concert but the music and the fighter walk outs is one of the most exciting things of the night. The lights go out, the music hits and on comes the fighter with his trainers who makes the long (often slow) walk to the ring.

The Fights

The biggest thrill a fan gets from a sport event is being able to cheer. Sometimes it’s a goal, a hit or a point. While watching a live UFC event there is 15 minutes of constant action and all the fans are on the edge of their seats. Seeing a submission or a great knock out is nothing something you see every day which makes the actual fight amazing.

The view

Unlike other sports – that can have a long field which makes viewing parts of the game impossible – the UFC has rigged up massive theatre screens hanging from the roof which shows the same action that they show at home. In most venues the jumbotron acts as another screen to watch the fights go down. The cage itself is set up to be right in the middle of the venue and views into the cage are often perfect.

The noise

Combining the large crowds with unfiltered violence makes for an enjoyable and interesting show. When compared to other sports there isn’t many things like it. College and NFL football would have larger crowds, but many none as loud. The view during a boxing match is similar but the atmosphere surrounding their fights can’t compare to the UFC. Baseball is slow and boring.

The UFC has gone from selling tickets at local town event centres to selling out the Rogers Centre in Toronto for UFC 129, which sold over 50,000 UFC tickets for the one night event.

UFC tickets nowadays can range from $100 up to $500+ for a single seat and are some of the hottest tickets in any town.

The UFC travels all over the world – from Las Vegas, to London and all the way to China. They are slowly taking over the sports landscape with their unbelievable product.

Dana White said that there is nothing better than getting your hands on some UFC tickets. With all that we know about the live MMA show, we can say that he is right.