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UFC President Dana White Responds To Georges St-Pierre: “The Whole Thing Is Shocking”

UFC president Dana White joined the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show Wednesday night following UFC Fight Night 35 and had some interesting words for Georges St-Pierre.

Earlier this week, St-Pierre stated his belief that the UFC looked the other way in terms of drug testing and that was one of the reasons he decided now was the best time to leave the sport, relinquishing the welterweight title in the process.

GSP was disappointed that the promotion wasn’t pushing to test fighters more frequently to clean up the sport, especially after he agreed to do strict VADA testing prior to facing Johny Hendricks.

Lorenzo Fertitta, CEO and co-owner of the UFC, stated his feelings on the matter, and White did the same.

“I’m shocked,” White said. “When Georges St-Pierre said he wanted to do the extra drug testing, he wanted to do it to prove he’s not on drugs. I’ve heard he’s mad at me that I said I thought Johny Hendricks won the fight (GSP earned a controversial decision victory).

“Be a man and talk to me face-to-face. If GSP wants to talk to us like a man he can pick up the phone and call us. This came out of left field. The whole thing is shocking.”

St-Pierre added that he feels as if the UFC is a “monopoly” and is controlling the MMA world. White didn’t take to kindly to those accusations, either.

“Viacom (which owns Spike TV and runs Bellator MMA) is our competitor and has a $40 billion market cap,” White said. “That’s our competitor. We’ll never be that big. There are a lot of other fight companies out there.

“Are we the best? Yes, but it’s far from a monopoly.”