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UFC President Dana White Gives His UFC 210 Thoughts

UFC president Dana White gave his UFC 210 thoughts to FOX Sports 1 following the event Saturday night.

Below are highlights from that interview:

White on if he was surprised Johnson tried to wrestle Cormier: “I was sitting next to Jimi Manuwa and asked him what he was doing?”

White on what he thought of Cormier’s performance: “Cormier’s nose is definitely broken. It’s a testament to him. He’s 38 years old and he did it the way he said, finishing him in the second round.”

White on who will fight Cormier next: “Jimi Manuwa isn’t on suspension, but Jon Jones is. We’ll see.”

White on Johnson retiring: “I don’t think he should retire. But on the other hand, if the R word even pops in your head, you shouldn’t even fight. I would never try to talk someone out of retiring. In this game, you have to be all in it.”

White on the Weidman – Mousasi controversy and if you’ll set up a rematch: “Well, Mousasi is a free agent. The New York State Athletic Commission is really new, but the referee made the mistake. It looked like that was the way the fight was going. I say it all the time, you’re facing the judges and ref and your opponent and you have to keep fighting to win.”