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UFC Officially Announces Reebok Sponsorship Payout Plans


To mix reaction on social media, the UFC officially announced the structured payout plan for the new deal with Reebok during a conference call with media on Wednesday.

Under the guidelines of the contract, champions will earn $40,000 per fight and title challengers will net $30,000.

The rest will be based on the number of Octagon fights for fighters:

♦ 1-5 – $2,500 per fight

♦ 6-10 – $5,000 per fight

♦ 11-15 – $10,000 per fight

♦ 16-20 – $15,000 per fight

♦ 21-and-above – $20,000 per fight

Original plans had the payout based on the “official” UFC rankings, which are determined by media members. The promotion changed that to the above structure before making the official announcement.

Fighters much wear Reebok apparel during fight week at all official UFC events. This includes weigh-ins, press conferences and open workouts. All in-Octagon sponsor banners are forbidden.

“We’re confident the vast majority are going to be supportive of the new deal,” said UFC executive Lawrence Epstein during the conference call (thanks to for the quotes).

Lorenzo Fertitta added that “we’re breaking new ground here. This is all new territory for us and the sport” regarding the deal, which is for five-plus years.

“All of the revenue we’re receiving from Reebok is being distributed to the fighters,” he said. “The only revenue not included will be used to cover direct operating costs for this program.”

Reebok has announced special deals with the likes of Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and others, but did terminate a contract with Jon Jones after his recent legal troubles.

The kits will be introduced during International Fight Week in Las Vegas this July.