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UFC On FOX 9: Scott Jorgensen Vs. Zach Makovsky

Scott Jorgensen vs. Zach Makovsky

A pair of fighters debuting is next, as Scott Jorgensen makes his first appearance at flyweight, while Zach Makovsky makes his Octagon debut. Jorgensen (14-7) fought in the bantamweight division before, going 1-3 in his last four.

Makovsky (16-4) is a former Bellator champion who captured the RFA title before signing with the UFC.

Round 1: Jorgensen has some Nick Diaz-like mean-mugging going on. Makovsky working the leg kicks right off the bat. Jorgensen lands a nice flurry and his corner screams for him to continue attacking. Jorgensen has more power, that’s pretty obvious, at the moment. After getting a spinning attack blocked, Makovsky lands a nasty uppercut that stops Jorgensen in his tracks. Makovsky is applying the pressure, proving my previous comment about him not having the same power wrong. Now, Jorgensen sprawls off a takedown and is working for a guillotine with just over two minutes left. Makovsky catches him again and Jorgensen is retreating. For his first time in the Octagon, Makovsky is remaining patient and not going in wild. Jorgensen with a takedown and tries to shift to the back, but is unable to. Another takedown by Jorgensen, as this is a battle of former Div. I wrestlers.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Makovsky

Round 2: Each time Jorgensen gets the takedown, Makovsky is able to reverse it. Jorgensen attempts a choke, releases it and winds up on top with four minutes to go in the round. Makovsky gets back to his feet and is free, scoring with his own takedown. Makovsky to the back after tying up the legs, but Jorgensen is able to get to his feet. Makovsky is a former Bellator champion, and Jorgensen happens to have a former Bellator champ in Joe Warren in his corner. Halfway through this round and things have settled down a bit. Jorgensen moving his head better and takes the back along the fence. Some good work alongside the fence by Jorgensen, who might steal this round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jorgensen

Round 3: “Fun Size” appears to have lost some momentum after that second round, as Jorgensen dominated things on the ground and feet. Jorgensen’s corner told him now or never and to make something happen. Strong words from Warren and company. Makovsky just misses with a nice spinning attack, as Jorgensen continues to try and push the tempo up in his favor. Nice combo by Makovsky, who follows up with a takedown but gets too out of control and Jorgensen reverses. Makovsky uses his techniques and scores with a reversal to wind up on top as we approach the two-minute mark. Makovsky takes the back, but gets too high and flipped off. Jorgensen rolls with a headlock-choke attempt, but Makovsky winds up in the mount with a minute to go. He transitions to the back and is working for a rear-naked choke. Makovsky is working hard for the choke, but he’ll run out of time.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Makovsky

Zach Makovsky def. Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)