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UFC On FOX 12: Tim Means Vs. Hernani Perpetuo

ufc on fox 12

Tim Means vs. Hernani Perpetuo

Two welterweights step inside the Octagon for our next fight between Tim Means (20-6-1) and Hernani Perpetuo (17-4).

Round 1: Means immediately takes control of the Octagon and we have a war. Big left hook from Perpetuo, and Means decides to shoot for a takedown. He scores, but Perpetuo is able to get right back to his feet. Means with kicks and shoots for another takedown, but Perpetuo is only interested in throwing bombs. He’s consistently landing the left hook and it hasn’t been stopped. Means catches him inside the clinch and fires off a series of elbows, to which Perpetuo smiles and retaliates. Combo from Perpetuo and he just misses on a spinning kick. Means back to peppering the leg and hits another elbow, followed by a high kick. We have an inadvertent eye poke and a break in the action. The eye poke is followed up by what is ruled an accidental head butt by Means and Perpetuo fires off several strong shots to finish the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Perpetuo

Round 2: It appears Means has figured out what Perpetuo is planning to do, as he keeps coming in fast and backing up. Good counter-striking and takedowns landing by Means. Big shot lands by Perpetuo, and Means fires back. Means working the jab and avoiding the damage. He finds a home with his left and comes flying in with a knee that connects as well. Perpetuo appears to be in trouble, but he has recovered after Means backed off his onslaught. Perpetuo again asks the ref for a stoppage and is denied. Not sure what that was about this time.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Means

Round 3: Once again, Means takes control of the cage and is sticking and moving. He’s found his range and is in control, but Perpetuo continues to head-hunt and has knockout power. Means is countering everything and blocking the shots from Perpetuo, who appears to have an injury to his left hand. After working what looked like a combo, Perpetuo failed to throw the left and it is obviously injured. He is just leaving it down by his side and telling Means to hit him. Means does, and the crowd gets into it as we head under 30 seconds. After the fight, Perpetuo told Means that he broke his arm, as he pointed to it and upon review there is some swelling and weird dislocation.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Means

Tim Means def. Hernani Perpetuo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)