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UFC On FOX 12: Clay Guida Vs. Dennis Bermudez

ufc on fox 12

Clay Guida vs. Dennis Bermudez

After that lightweight affair, we move down to the featherweight ranks with Clay Guida (31-14) and Dennis Bermudez (13-3).

Round 1: No touch of gloves and a very different looking Guida to start. Maybe the talk of being “done” from Bermudez struck a cord with Guida. Guida with a right kick to the knee and a left kick to the body, but Bermudez comes back and lands a right hook. Good left jab, right kick combo for Bermudez. Guida grabs a leg but can’t convert with the takedown. Bermudez grabs hold of the head, using it to control Guida. He fights off another takedown and lands a nasty knee to Guida’s face. Each time Guida tries to rush in, Bermudez meets him. Bermudez catches him and unloads with big lefts and rights, but that allows Guida to score with a takedown. Bermudez sweeps and gets out, and he has done damage as blood is trickling from the right eye area of Guida. Another combo of strikes and knees to the body and face by Bermudez, who just throws Guida to the ground and jumps on his back. All Bermudez so far, as he is dominating. He drops down and is looking for a choke, which he doesn’t have yet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Bermudez

Round 2: Bermudez applying the pressure again, but gets caught with a counter-right. He works for a takedown, but is took high and Bermudez sprawls and fights it off with ease. Good kick to the knee – like Jon Jones likes to do – by Guida to the kneecap/thigh region. Guida misses and Bermudez sends him against the fence with a big shot. Bermudez teeing off now, as Guida appears to be a step slow and is eating a lot of big shots. Guida tries for a takedown off the clinch and Bermudez gains the advantage, bringing him down and looking in his hooks. He’s searching for a rear-naked choke and he gets it.

Dennis Bermudez def. Clay Guida via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:57 of Round 2