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UFC On FOX 11: Fabricio Werdum Vs. Travis Browne

ufc on fox 11

Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne

We’ve reached the night’s main event, as Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne collide to determine the No. 1 contender to UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

Werdum (17-5-1) has not fought since submitting Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira last June. He is on a three-fight win streak and is 6-1 in his last seven fights overall.

Browne (16-1-1) is on a similar three-fight win streak, with all three of those victories being first round knockouts. He’s stopped Josh Barnett, Alistair Overeem and Gabriel Gonzaga.

Round 1: Werdum comes out striking and Browne throws two huge kicks. Werdum gets him with a left and Browne clinches, landing a huge knee to the chin. Front-kick from Browne connects and a right followed up. Browne catches him with an overhand right and Werdum is down, but he is tucking in and looking to secure a ligament. Werdum gets up and powers Browne down with a takedown, landing on top and with three minutes to go in the round. Werdum searching for a head-and-arm choke, but it gets defended. Still working for it with plenty of time left in the round. Browne tries to slip out, and on a second attempt, he does. That was the first time he’s been taken down, was Browne, who comes back with a front kick and a knee inside the clinch. Huge, huge, huge uppercut misses by Browne. Big kick by Werdum to the body and Browne stops and tabs the area, telling him to do it again. Werdum does, this time with a left hook. Browne catches a kick, backs him up against the fence and lets him go. Wheel kick to the face and Werdum shakes his head after eating it. Werdum stuns him with a pair of right hands against the fence as the rounds comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Werdum

Round 2: Werdum working the leg kicks to start this round, as Browne’s corner instructed him to not try and knock him out with every kick. They exchange kicks and Werdum looks mad about it. He gets Browne to the ground and takes his back, immediately getting a hook in. Werdum has controlled the fight with his striking, which is a surprise. Werdum transitions to half-guard and has head-and-arm control. Browne is taking deep breathes and Werdum is going to make him carry his weight with three minutes to go in the round. Short punches to the face by Werdum are doing damage as we head under two minutes. Werdum steps over, attempting to take the arm and Browne is in deep trouble. He spins and gets to his feet and eats a right. Browne walks away from Werdum and throws a kick, but he’s tired. Werdum seems fine with taking this to the third round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Werdum

Round 3: Perfect combo from Werdum to open the action. Browne’s nose looks interesting and he eats a spinning backfist. Werdum all over him, chasing him around the cage. Right hand snapped off by Werdum that lands. Werdum swept and he nips up, smiling and ready to go again. Unbelievable energy by Werdum and athleticism. Werdum is teeing off, going to the body with shots. He was blocking most of the punches to the head, and Werdum backs off, not wanting to gas himself. He goes for a takedown and Werdum tries to land elbows, but is warned. He’s been in that position before and taken advantage, but Werdum knows and stands up. Right hand from Browne is answered by a spinning backfist from Werdum.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Werdum

Round 4: Werdum is up to 136 total strikes landed through three rounds, well ahead of Browne. Browne is very slow with his strikes, and Werdum is easily countering him. Front-kick from Werdum followed up by a right hand that forces Browne to back to the fence and cover up. Low blow from Browne gives him a break and he’s trying to get his offense off. Instead, it’s Werdum who lands a combination. Overhand right is a glancing blow by Browne, who unloads with a couple of big kicks that miss.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Browne

Round 5: Werdum leads in total strikes 152-53 and starts the round off with a takedown, followed by more quick shots. Pair of front kicks from Browne and Werdum is keeping his distance. Instead of Browne going all out, it’s Werdum who comes in close and lands two straight jabs. Werdum peppering him and Browne’s corner is trying to will him to victory. Browne’s face is a bloody mess after the last few shots from Werdum, who is looking very fresh. He puts together an attack that has Browne on the run.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Werdum

Fabricio Werdum def. Travis Browne via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)