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UFC Fight Night 85 Goes Inside The “Strikezone”

ufc fight night 85

UFC Tonight co-hosts Kenny Florian and Dominick Cruz broke down the action ahead of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 85 main event during a recent episode, bringing Mark Hunt and Frank Mir inside the “Strikezone.”

The two heavyweights square off on FOX Sports 1 this evening.

Florian on Hunt: “When high level strikers come to UFC, they don’t always transition well. Mark Hunt has transitioned very well. He has a devastating right hand and his left hook is just as dangerous. Now he’s getting back to feet after takedown attempts and defending submissions.”

Cruz on Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir: “I love this matchup. I’m a big fan of both. These guys been around forever. Mark Hunt was with K1 and had over 40 fights matchup. Mir has been breaking people’s limbs forever. This is striker vs. grappler is the way I see this. Mark Hunt has that one-hit quitter. He’s got a good hook and that uppercut of his is great. I’m impressed with his grappling. He comes from kickboxing and now has the ability to stop takedowns and forced them to stand with him. Frank Mir is a great grappler. It’s one thing to practice jiu-jitsu, but it’s another thing to do it in the middle of an MMA fight. Mir switches it up with key locks, triangles, arm bars or he’ll foot-lock you. He looks most impressive when the fight moves to the ground. But he’s a crafty southpaw with a ton of power in his hands. He doesn’t want to be in the open with Mark. Frank has to put Mark in the clinch or against the cage, take away his power and not strike with him.”

Florian on how Mir should fight Hunt: “Frank Mir is one of the best submission artists in the heavyweight division and one of the best of all time. When his striking is on, he looks pretty good. I don’t think he wants to strike with Hunt. It’s just a matter of time when Hunt will land the punch. But Frank’s a submission guy. He needs to put Mark Hunt on his back.”

Cruz on Mir’s keys to victory: “He has to apply forward pressure against Hunt. That works because he doesn’t care about the takedown. He needs to create the clinch opportunities and land the takedown from the forward pressure. He needs to get the finish in the submission area. I think Mir has a few more ways to win. If he gets one takedown, it could be over.”

Florian on Hunt’s keys to victory: “First, Mark needs to stop the takedown. Key two, he needs to throw combinations, and key three is to utilize the right hand. That’s where he gets it done. The left hook isn’t too shabby either.”