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UFC Fight Night 45 Result: Lucas Martins KO’s Alex White

UFC Fight Night 45 Result: Lucas Martins KO’s Alex White

-Lucas Martins vs. Alex White

Round 1: It takes about five seconds for these guys to engage, and they do via blistering right hands and some not-quite-good-enough head movement. Martins lands first and frequently, putting the American on the defensive, but once he clears the cobwebs he throws a bit more intelligently. Still, Martins feeds him fist after fist, and the round clearly goes to the Brazilian.

Round 2: Martins’ Muay Thai continues to be vicious, and although his pace slows a bit, he remains the more effective striker of the two. For the next three and a half minutes White is in the driver’s seat, but White nails him with a spinning backfist and he stumbles, thereby making this one way more competitive than the last.

Round 3: White attempts to come on strong, and maybe if he’d known any defense that would’ve yielded results, but no, his poor head movement has him eating a huge right hand that sends him tumbling to Earth. Martins finishes him with hammerfists for the TKO.

Result: Lucas Martins def. Alex White via KO (Punches) at 2:08, R3