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UFC Fight Night 45 Result: Gleison Tibau Out-Works Pat Healy

UFC Fight Night 45 Result: Gleison Tibau Out-Works Pat Healy

-Pat Healy vs. Gleison Tibau

Round 1: With about 1,000 fights between them, the veteran Tibau and Healy start off content to probe each other with punches, and Tibau scores first with a right hand. Healy keeps his cool, however, and remains patient as he follows the Brazilian around the cage. Tibau uses that forward motion to time a perfect double-leg takedown, and he mixes ground and pound with guard passing. The round ends with them on their feet.

Round 2: Tibau comes out and lands a spinning backfist, and follows it up with another takedown that lands him in Healy’s half-guard. It takes some doing, but Healy eventually works to the cage and back to his feet, and they resume striking. Because he’s coming forward with his head down, Healy is open to repeated counters as Tibau circles away, and that’s pretty much the story of the rest of the round.

Round 3: The American turns up the pressure and does his best to wither his foe with punches and cage-wrestling, but Tibau keeps his wits about him and circles while countering. He even manages a nice high-amplitude double-leg, and although Healy scrambles back up, the message is clear: the only way Healy can win is via stoppage, and Tibau ain’t stopping.

Result: Gleison Tibau def. Pat Healy via Unanimous Decision