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UFC Fight Night 42: Scott Jorgensen Vs. Danny Martinez

ufc fight night 42

Scott Jorgensen vs. Danny Martinez

We take a trip to the flyweight ranks for the first time tonight, as Scott Jorgensen faces off with Danny Martinez.

Jorgensen (14-9) has dropped each of his last three, including defeats to Urijah Faber and Zach Makovsky, while Martinez (16-5) was defeated in his UFC debut by Chris Cariaso in February.

Round 1: Just incredible strikes being thrown by both fighters, and Martinez is the one landing the better blows. He’s coming right after Jorgensen, peppering him with lefts and rights. Jorgensen’s seen enough of that and takes Martinez down. He quickly works to the back and is trying to get his hooks in. Martinez gains wrist control and works to get free. For the second time, Martinez gets too far and Jorgensen scores with a takedown. Nice suplex, as Jorgensen breaks him down and is trying to lock up a rear-naked choke. One more suplex for Jorgensen, as he scores with a belly-to-back. While Martinez is working to his feet, Jorgensen lands a nasty right. Martinez works hard to get up again, only to have Jorgensen toss him back to the canvas. Martinez slips free, unloads, but gets off balance and taken down again. Jorgensen working for a possible guillotine, but has to release it.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jorgensen

Round 2: Jorgensen trying to catch him with something big, but it’s Martinez who strikes first. The right hand is on the mark for Martinez, but it’s a left that drops Jorgensen. Martinez attacks, hammering away, but Jorgensen gains wrist control and gets to his feet. Huge left followed by a knee from Martinez, and Jorgensen answers. Martinez has him caught against the cage and is teeing off with big left hooks and uppercuts. Another pair of lefts land by Martinez, as the corner of Jorgensen tells him to “bite down on that mouth guard.” Big breathes from Martinez and Jorgensen cuts the distance. Jorgensen takes advantage, catching him with a combo. This is going to fill like a long two minutes for Martinez. Takedown for Jorgensen, who takes the back and lands a nice right. Pair of elbows from Jorgensen, but Martinez answers. Jorgensen with another takedown and hammers away with elbows from in close.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jorgensen

Round 3: Jorgensen scores a takedown and is working for a possible head-and-arm choke. But, Martinez again gets free. He has shown incredible submission defense. Single-leg takedown attempt from Martinez, but that is defended. Flying knee from Martinez, and Jorgensen immediately connects on another takedown. Martinez works to get free and does, but is immediately taken down once again. Jorgensen latches on the back of Martinez, who simply stands up and is free. Martinez with a left that rocks Jorgensen, but he recovers and scores with the takedown again. This has to be frustrating for Martinez.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Martinez

Scott Jorgensen def. Danny Martinez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)