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UFC Fight Night 42: Jon Tuck Vs. Jake Lindsey

ufc fight night 42

Jon Tuck vs. Jake Lindsey

Our first of five lightweight fights on the card opens the FOX Sports 1 telecast, as Jon Tuck battles Jake Lindsey.

Tuck (7-1) will be looking to rebound following his first career loss, a decision defeat to Norman Parke last October. Lindsey (9-0) is making his Octagon debut.

Round 1: Tuck gets in with a body lock and has Lindsey up against the cage. Nice takedown defense by Lindsey, and he gets free. Left jab pops off from Lindsey, as does a right. He’s caught Tuck in the clinch and lands some big knees, but gets a little too aggressive and Tuck scores a takedown. He’s in side control, flattening him out. Into half-guard, but Lindsey reverses. He’s been the better fighter on the feet. Another big knee from Lindsey, followed up by a right. Tuck, though, with another takedown and lands a stiff elbow to the face. Tuck trying to get the full-mount, but Lindsey is using his guard effectively. The ref steps in rather quickly and stands them up. Lindsey goes after the clinch, using some dirty boxing to his strength.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Lindsey

Round 2: Tuck catches a kick and lands a stiff left. A nice counter connects from Tuck, and he appears to have found his range. Despite the strong start to the round for Tuck, he’s breathing heavily. The high elevation in New Mexico could be giving him problems. Lindsey lands a right-left combo. Lots of constant “let’s work” calls from the ref. He wants action. Kick to the body from Lindsey, and a second. Way-too-easy trip takedown for Tuck, who moves to half-guard with just over a minute to go.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tuck

Round 3: Tuck lands a huge right hand right off the start, following up with a takedown and moving to side control with ease. Tuck dominating, looking for a rear-naked choke. He’s unable to get it, but remains on the back with his hooks in. Tuck rolling, working to secure the choke. Lindsey tries to slam him off him, but is unable to. Tuck with a heel kick to the ribs and Lindsey taps. He might have broke something.

Jon Tuck def. Jake Lindsey via TKO (verbal tap) at 2:47 of Round 3