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UFC Fight Night 39: Alan Omer Vs. Jim Alers

ufc fight night 39

Alan Omer vs. Jim Alers

We being the action in the featherweight division, as Alan Omer faces Jim Alers.

Omer (18-3) is making his UFC debut after winning four straight. Alers (12-1) is also fighting for the first time with the promotion and on a eight-fight win streak.

Round 1: Nice striking to start by both these fighters. Strong low kick from Alers nearly takes Omer off his feet, and he is controlling the center of the Octagon. Overhand right connects from Omer, who is now pushing the pace more in his favor. Alers just misses with a huge knee inside the clinch. Omer catches Alers, who wobbles but doesn’t go down. Spinning back fist by Alers misses, Omer lands a straight right and Alers clinches. Omer lands several shots, including an uppercut, to finish the round strong.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Omer

Round 2: Omer lands and looks to have Alers rocked, but Alers goes for a takedown. Perfectly executed switch by Omer and he winds up on top and in a dominant position. He unloads a few shots and is working to improve his position now. Omer lets him back up and goes to work with his striking, nearly flooring Alers again. Spinning back kick from Omer lands, but Alers catches him coming in and drops him. Alers now on top and in guard. Alers in control, folding him up and unleashing again. Omer gets to his feet with an underhook and body lock combo, and he has Alers against the fence. Good knee to the body from Omer and a left hook.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Alers

Round 3: Alers comes right out and goes on the attack, getting Omer to the canvas. Cut is opened up on the face of Omer and Alers is pounding away on him. Alers goes for a choke, but it allows Omer to get to his feet. Omer now attempting a takedown of his own, but he gets denied. Some very weak knee attempts by Omer, who looks exhausted after trying hard for the takedown. Alers lands a takedown with two minutes to go. Alers dominating on top, but not enough, as the ref stands them up. Omer is sensing he is behind, coming after Alers and taking him down to finish the round strong.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Alers

Jim Alers def. Alan Omer via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)