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UFC Fight Night 38: Leonardo Santos Vs. Norman Parke

UFC Fight Night 38: Leonardo Santos Vs. Norman Parke

Leonardo Santos vs. Norman Parke

Lightweights hit the Octagon, as Leonardo Santos meets Norman Parke.

Santos (12-3) was the season two winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, submitting William Macario in the second round. He is on a six-fight win streak dating back to 2009.

Parke (19-2) was The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes winner and has won his last nine, including three straight in the UFC. Jon Anik was very excited for Parke to showcase his skills during a our recent interview.

Round 1: Huge kick to the lead leg by Santos to start, as Parke has a very interesting stance. Santos, a great grappler, is showing off his striking to start. A nice uppercut by Santos and he appears to have caught Parke with an eye poke, as he asks for time and is granted it. Another vicious right kick to the body that Parke blocks, but even blocking them can do damage. Some swelling now under the left eye of Parke, and that could cause him issues going forward. Parke clinches, again, against the fence. He’s yet to do much on the offensive outside of this. Santos goes for a takedown and it gets defended rather easily. Parke gets off a nice left and a kick, followed by another, before Santos returns fire.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Santos

Round 2: Parke comes out with more fire, but Santos lands a left uppercut. Nice little exchange results in Parke tying things up with the clinch against the fence. Parke is wearing on Santos, but he isn’t able to do much and the ref has deducted a point for grabbing the shorts by Parke. Three consecutive lefts land by Parke, who is feeling urgency now. Interesting point deduction, but it is what it is. Good combinations connect from both, and an elbow lands by Parke.

FightLine scores the round 9-9

Round 3: In between rounds, they replayed the shorts grab by Parke and it was obvious, so good call for the point deduction. Even Anik agreed and took back his criticism. Parke back to the clinch game, peppering him with some nice knees. The ref steps in, Parke lands an uppercut and pushes Santos right back up against the fence with the clinch. Down to the final two minutes and Parke remains in control. Santos with a takedown attempt, but Parke defends and lands. He’s back to working the clinch and trying for his own takedown with just 30 seconds left.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Parke

Leonardo Santos and Norman Parke fight to a majority draw(29-27, 28-28, 28-28)