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UFC Fight Night 29: Matt Hamill Vs. Thiago Silva

Matt Hamill vs. Thiago Silva

The second straight light heavyweight bout features Matt Hamill (11-4) and Thiago Silva (15-3). Hamill retired at one point recently, while Silva has been sidelined previously after failing post-fight drug tests. Also, let’s not forget Hamill owns a win over UFC champion Jon Jones – albeit by disqualification. Keith Peterson serves as the referee.

Silva actually failed to make weight, forfeiting 25-percent of his purse to Hamill. He’ll also be ineligible for any fight-night bonuses, but can achieve his win bonus with a victory. He weighed in at 208 pounds.

Round 1: Silva looks big, and he is after making weight. Actually looks extremely out of shape, does Silva. Hamill with an easy trip takedown – almost a push-over takedown. Hamill showing the uppercut, but has yet to come in 100-percent on anything. Silva defends a takedown attempt. Silva lands a right that stops Hamill and nearly floors him. It looks as if Silva has found his range and wants the kill. Just ever-moving-forward is “The Pitbull,” despite looking, as the announcers said, “a little soft.” Hamill now pushing the action, but he has yet to shoot for another takedown since getting stuffed.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Hamill

Round 2: Hamill lands the first strike, but Silva does more damage with his striking. Stiff jabs by Hamill, who follows up with a takedown. Easy as anything for Hamill, but he can’t keep Silva down. Hamill continues to damage the body, landing another big liver shot. His striking has looked much better, but not as powerful as Silva. Leg kick by the Pitbull connects. Heavy breathing by Silva, who did try and lose those two extra pounds after the initial weigh-ins. You have to wonder how much that took out of him. Silva catches Hamill with a series of rights and drops him. Hamill trying to survive, but Silva takes the back with 90 seconds left. Hamill gets out and back to his feet. Those rights hurt him though. More big strikes get through by Silva, who is bloodying up the face of Hamill. Back to wrestling for Hamill, which keeps him from eating any further strikes by Silva. Takedown to end the round, but the damage has been done.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Silva

Round 3: Silva takes the back to start the round, working the body. He’s damaged the leg of Hamill, who was checking his thigh between rounds for concern. More kicks to the leg by Silva, as both men are breathing heavily. Weak takedown attempt from Hamill is easily defended. Another leg kick, and this one nearly floors Hamill. The leg is just about done for the American, who hasn’t been checking anything. More and more punishment to the leg by Silva, who is executing his attack to a T. Silva just kicking the leg out of Hamill, who nearly falls over twice. The ref is showing concern, telling him to put his hands up or he will stop this one. Hamill survives, but likely will be dealt the L.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Silva

Thiago Silva def. Matt Hamill via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27)