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UFC Fight Night 29: Erick Silva Vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Erick Silva vs. Dong Hyun Kim

We finish out with two bouts in the welterweight division. First up is Erick Silva (15-3) and Dong Hyun Kim (17-2-1). Silva is 3-2 within the Octagon, while Kim has won two straight and three of his last four. Mario Yamasaki will referee the co-main event.

Round 1: Spinning attack by Silva, but Kim blocks it with his back. Quickly, Kim goes for a takedown, working a single-leg but is unable to get it. Kim going back on the single-leg, but Silva defends well. A lot of pressure from Kim to start, and Silva seems to be unsure of what to do. Wild spinning backfist by Kim doesn’t connect as they clinch yet again. Kim finally scores with a takedown and is working the back. Kim out-wrestling Silva, which isn’t too much of a surprise. It will be interesting to see if he can keep this up through the remainder of the bout.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kim

Round 2: Oh man, Silva is fired up. Big shot to the body, followed by a flying knee and a huge right floors Kim. Silva hitting everything, but Kim recovers and holds on for dear life. Silva came out like a ball of fire there, but Kim didn’t seem phased by it too much. Kim continues to push forward, and the pace seems to have caught up to both fighters as they are breathing heavily. Right hand from Silva connects, as does a low kick. With over half the fight left, these two may have pushed too hard, too fast. Right from Silva lands and Kim has his mouth open, but is still standing. Silva takes the back, but can’t get the takedown after Kim grabs the fence. He’s been warned, but the damage wasn’t done. Out of nowhere, Kim “Stun Gun’s” Silva and floors him, as both threw at the exact same time. Kim’s left connected and Silva is out.

Dong Hyun Kim def. Erick Silva via KO (left-hand) at 3:01 of Round 2