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UFC Cuts Ties With Alleged Neo-Nazi Fighter

With alleged Neo-Nazi ties, Benjamin Brinsa will not get his chance to compete for the UFC. An investigation led to his eventual termination. The 24-year-old blames the issue over a former friend.

Brinsa is from Germany and supposedly a member of the group Scenario LOK.

“I’ve been trying to take legal action against the person that has started the smear campaign against me on the internet, but unfortunately to no avail so far as he hides behind synonyms and publishes his defamation on websites with no legal information,” said Brinsa to MMA Fighting.

The news broke earlier in the year, but the UFC waited until their investigation was complete to get rid of Brinsa.

Brinsa is undefeated at 13-0 and last beat Daniel Stittgen in May.