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UFC 79 Picks and Official UFC Preview Video and 2 New Liddell/Silva Fight Videos

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva- I’m taking Wanderlei and I explain why in full detail HERE.

Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Hughes- I love GSP in this fight, I think Hughes takedown attempts will be stuffed. GSP will once again pick Hughes apart while standing and I think this fight will end in brutal fashion for St. Pierre.

Lyoto Machida vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou- I think this fight will either end in a KO for Soko or a decision for Machida. My pick would be the Machida decision.

I’m not gonna pick the rest of the fights, but I am interested in seeing the return of Melvin Guillard, Dean Lister and Manny Gamburyan.

Official UFC Liddell/Silva Promo

Wanderlei Silva vs Tatsuya Iwasaki-Pride Shockwave

Chuck Liddell vs Kevin Randleman-UFC 31