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UFC 74 Roundup- Randy Couture is My Hero

Well first I need to apologize to all my canadien readers as I doubted the 2 UFC 74 canadien fighters GSP and Patrick Cote. I could tell I was in trouble with the GSP prediction right when he came out, he was as ready as Ive ever seen him and Koscheck looked nervous. I didn’t expect GSP to totally dominate the wrestling of this match, I guess when Koscheck said he was the best wrestler in MMA he might of meant best American wrestler because the canadien just dominated him. I was impressed with Koscheck’s stand-up though. Koscheck quotes (might not be 100% accurate) before the fight that were apparently absolutely ridiculous “Im gonna knock him out within 2 minutes of the first round” Haha and “He’s gonna take me down,Josh Koscheck, thats my world” even funnier. Congrats to Patrick Cote who landed a wicked right hand and proceded to stop Kendall Grove with Ground and Pound.

The Roger Huerta vs Alberto Crane fight was pretty entertaining as we saw Huerta looking at himself on the big screen to measure elbows to Crane’s face. What I didn’t get is that Joe Rogan was saying how world class Crane’s jiu-jitsu is and I guess he was a world champion, but it sure didn’t look like it because he had numorous chances to pull guard and just couldn’t do it. Huerta pretty much did what he wanted on the ground and if your world class in jiu-jitsu you should always have an active guard, so I really dont know maybe Crane was hurt or maybe it was the fact that he hadn’t fought in 2 years, but his jiu-jitsu did not impress me at all.

The only thing Ill say about the Babalu vs David Heath fight is, dont piss off Babalu! But of course what happen will give some negative press to the UFC and thats never good.

Easy wins for Frank Mir and Thales Leites. The lightweight fight between Clay Guida and Aurelio I have yet to see but I heard it was a good fight with Guida pulling out a split decision.

Of course the fight of the night was the main event. In the first exchange Randy landed a solid left straight on the chin of Gonzaga and you could tell Gonzaga didn’t take it well. A few moments later Couture landed a great left hook on the cheek. After Randy scored a huge takedown that broke the Brazilian’s nose he utilized the clinch to dominate him with dirty boxing in close which was obviously part of Randy’s perfect gameplan. When Gonzaga told Herb Dean he couldn’t see I was scared they might call the fight a no contest because the nose was broken due to an accidental headbutt, but if that was the case they shouldve called it between rounds after looking at the tape. All in all a beautiful performence by the Natural, but I have to say I was pretty impressed with Gonzaga he has potential.

I managed a winning record with my predictions going 3-2 with the main mistake being me putting way to much faith in Koscheck and Grove. Yes I bow to GSP and Cote.

Im having someone upload a great fight for everybody that you may see later tonite or sometime tommorow. I really dont think you’ll find this fight anywhere else on the internet, so be sure to check it out.