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UFC 202 Predictions From Daniel Cormier, Kenny Florian

ufc 202

“UFC Tonight” co-hosts Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian offer up their thoughts on UFC 202 in this edition of “Strikezone.”

Florian on Diaz’s keys to victory: “Nate has got to use the jab and keep McGregor on the outside. He’s got to back Conor up and not get countered. When he’s pressuring forward, he’s winning fights. And he needs to land the takedown. He’s got the big advantage on the mat.”

Cormier on McGregor’s keys to victory: “He’s got to be elusive, moving his head, countering and slipping, and keep his hands up a little more. He’s got to throw kicks. This can’t be a boxing match. He needs to use all his weapons. And he’s got to defend the takedown. He got dominated when he got taken down last time. He’s got to stay on this feet and use his speed advantage and his experience.”

Florian picks McGregor to win: “I’m going with Conor. His speed will be a difference, as his ability to slip outside, plus he’s had a full training camp. He’s got to be the faster guy and he’s got to do it for 25 minutes. And he’s got to be patient and smart.”

Cormier picks Diaz to win: “I believe he still presents the same problems for Conor as the first fight. And Nate’s had a full camp now. It’s a tough fight style-wise, size-wise.”

Cormier picks Anthony Johnson to beat Glover Teixeira: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Glover did it, but I think Anthony is going to take it. I believe the power early is going to be a problem.”