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As UFC 199 Approaches, Chris Weidman Prepares For Different Battle

chris weidman

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman was suppose to be putting the finishing touches on his plan of action to re-claim his title at UFC 199.

Instead, Weidman will be making arrangements at a hospital to hopefully get himself back inside the Octagon.

Weidman told Newsday recently that he is set for surgery on Wednesday to fix the herniated discs in his neck. The operation will be performed by Dr. K. Daniel Riew at Columbia University Medical Center in Manhattan.

“I’ve had so many surgeries, but this one kind of skeeves me out” Weidman said. “My neck. Going in through the front my neck, it just bothers me. When I had the epidural, I was miserable, man. They went through my back and I could hear this thick needle going through my muscle. This whole neck thing is bothering me. I can’t believe I’m getting neck surgery.”

According to Weidman, the doctors should know right away if the operation was successful. If not, a second one will be conducted to get him back to 100-percent.