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UFC 196 “Strikezone” Predictions From Daniel Cormier, Kenny Florian

ufc 196

During a recent episode of “UFC Tonight,” hosts Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian offered up their insight into tonight’s main and co-main events at UFC 196.

Below are their comments on the two fights, along with a video of the segment:

Cormier on what Nate Diaz needs to do against Conor McGregor

“He’s got to be Nate Diaz. He says he can always go five rounds. He needs to set a high pace. That’s how he’s successful. He’s long, rangy and has great boxing, something Conor hasn’t faced before. He’s got to apply constant pressure, use his boxing and range, and look for submissions. He’s won the grappling exchanges in big fights before.”

Florian on if Diaz has an advantage

“The Diaz brothers are always training and in shape. Nate’s got a longer reach than Conor and Conor hasn’t faced someone like that before. Nate’s a big lightweight. He’s got a bigger frame and an excellent chin. He’s got the advantage on the ground.”

Cormier on how McGregor needs to fight Diaz

“Conor has to be smart and be a sniper. Conor is usually the one talking in a fight, but Conor won’t get in Nate’s head. We’ll see how he handles someone talking to him in the Octagon instead.”

Florian on McGregor’s advantages

“Conor will have speed advantage. Nate not known for his kicking game, but Conor is. With Nate’s southpaw stance and his front leg out there, Conor will kick out that lead leg and he’ll also use spinning attacks. He has to get inside, vary his attacks and defend the takedown. He doesn’t want to be on the ground with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt like Nate.”

Cormier on how Miesha Tate beats Holly Holm

“She has to be confident in her striking and set up shots against her. The problem with Ronda, she had to get close to Holly. Miesha has the ability to shoot a double leg. She needs to rely on her champion experience to carry over the hump.”

Cormier on Holm’s keys to winning

“Holly maintains distance and be light on her feet. She needs to move, and can’t be stationary target. She needs to let her hands go and that sets up the great high kick after her striking. She has to be a sniper. It’s a close fight, but I think Holly will get it done.”