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UFC 178: Kennedy Hung Out To Dry On Drug Test Request

ufc 178

From fighting for our freedom to fighting in the Octagon, Army vet Tim Kennedy has spoke aloud about the war against performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) that plenty of mixed martial artists have been known to use while training for UFC fights. Now with his scheduled middleweight scrap with Yoel Romero right around the corner at UFC 178: Johnson vs Cariaso, he says his request for pre-fight screening was left unnoticed and he probably could have been doping up throughout his entire fight camp and nobody would have known about it.

Kennedy tells Brett Okamoto of ESPN:

“I tried to get [the NSAC] to test. I made requests, ultimatums, everything. It reached a point of no response. I just didn’t hear back. So, here I am, a week out from my fight and I could have been taking anabolic steroids during my entire camp. It’s a problem.”

With fight night coming this Saturday, could we expect the Green Beret to be more vocal about his issues with drug testing in the days leading up to his meeting with the “Soldier of God”?

Wait and see.

Let the countdown begin.