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UFC 178 Fight Pass Prelim Card Results & Recap

UFC 178 Fight Results Streaming

Before the UFC 178: Johnson vs Cariaso action shifts to Fox Sports 1 and pay-per-view, things kicked off on UFC Fight Pass with six intriguing bouts. For those of you who are too cheap to pick up the exclusive package, here’s what happened.

Cody Gibson and Manny Gamburyan took the opening act without disappointment. Gibson looking to achieve his second win inside the Octagon and Gamburyan aiming to make waves in his first fight at bantamweight.

I don’t know what looks funnier, Gamburyan’s goatee or the silly scriptures he has tattooed on each side of his body in traditional arabic bold lettering.

Oh well, time to square off, boys.

Gibson quickly took the center of the cage as we’ve seen him do in past fights, keeping the much shorter Gamburyan at the end of all his shots. Once they tied up in the middle, it was crazy to see Gibson toss him to the mat like it was nothing, and especially since Manny is the guy with the supreme judo base. Since Gamburyan was eating so many jabs, he began to utilize some kicks to try and keep his foe at bay. That didn’t work out so well as it made his opponent more aware that he wasn’t willing to exchange punches with him. Gamburyan sealed one takedown in the opening round but could never put himself in any sort of advantageous position.

Gamburyan came out in the second round sporting a nice mouse under his right eye and a quick kick to the sack left him kneeling in extreme pain and agony. Gamburyan was tough to keep on and Gibson jumped on him with all kinds of kicks and combination punches.

More of the same went on for the remainder of the round before Manny busted out a sudden takedown and locked in a arm-in guillotine choke which forced the tap out and an amazing come-from-behind win for the Anvil.

For the final bout on the Fight Pass Prelims, prospects Jon Tuck and Kevin Lee took center stage to move further up in the 155-pound weight class. Both men met in the middle and started to measure the distance. Lee seemed a lot more quick and powerful, but Tuck stayed tough and kept answering with his own shots.

Tuck started to get tricky with his attack and Lee made him pay for it with a nice pick-up-and-dump to the mat. Tuck, being the smooth jiu-jitsu stylist he is, regained his guard and made his way up without hesitation. Lee repeated with the takedown against the cage and began to work some ground and pound. As Lee was forcing his will from top, Tuck swung his legs for the armbar, however Lee’s posture was too strong for him to lock it in tightly.

Neither man could really find the advantage over the other, so they began swinging haymakers at each other and hoping someone falls down. It was midway through the second round when the referee deducted a point from Tuck for landing repeated nut shots. The infraction didn’t mean much, though, because Lee began to take control of the round just after that, executing a big slam but not really doing much with it. Tuck stayed tough in throwing up a variety of submission attempts from his back but was too tired to pull off anything at that moment in the fight.

Third frame was more of the same. Tuck was huffing and puffing, while Lee had just enough in the tank to win the third round big and do some serious damage standing up to acquire the unanimous decision win.

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