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UFC 177: Yancy Medeiros Vs. Damon Jackson

Yancy Medeiros

Yancy Medeiros vs. Damon Jackson

We open up the pay-per-view broadcast with lightweights Yancy Medeiros (9-2) and Damon Jackson (9-0).

Medeiros hasn’t earned an official win since 2010 when he defeated Gareth Joseph, going 0-2 with one no-contest since. Jackson is making his debut with the UFC and is a replacement for Justin Edwards.

Round 1: Medeiros with a stiff kick, but Jackson immediately answers with a thunderous amount of lefts and rights. Medeiros fires back with his own shot and these two are not backing down. Good front-kick by Jackson to the chest and he comes in low, lands a right, locks onto the body and is attempting a toss. A low blow halts the action, but we’re back to fighting almost immediately. Quick left jab from Medeiros, who appears to be getting loose and is ready to attack. Overhand right from Jackson and Medeiros lands a left uppercut as Nate Diaz shouts instruction from his corner. Wild scramble results in Medeiros on his feet, hammering away with shots.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Medeiros

Round 2: Jackson comes flying out at Medeiros, switching stances several times in the early going. Medeiros locks in a guillotine and Jackson goes out. He’s out on the canvas after Medeiros releases the hold. That was extremely quick and was more of a reverse bulldog choke that finished it off. Jackson tried to turn away from the submission and got caught.

Yancy Medeiros def. Damon Jackson via submission (reverse guillotine choke) at 1:54 of Round 2