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UFC 173: David Michaud Vs. JingLiang Li

ufc 173

David Michaud vs. JingLiang Li

We begin the night on UFC Fight Pass with welterweights David Michaud and JingLiang Li.

Michaud (7-0), a member of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson season, is replacing Danny Mitchell in this fight. Li (8-2) is a former Legend FC champion.

Round 1: Right off the bat and Michaud fires off some nice shots, coming right into the fight with Li, who many have touted as a prospect. Li lands a kick, actively moving his head to try and keep from staying still and in the range of Michaud. Big right-hand misses from Michaud. Stiff left from Michaud, and Li lands a combo to reply. Good counter striking from Li, who is also landing the inside leg kick. Great exchange inside the pocket, as both connect with strikes. Li shoots for a takedown and Michaud tries to keep his balance by grabbing the cage. As Li goes for a kimura, Michaud is able to escape. Uppercut from Michaud and Li goes for another takedown, trying to pick him up but gets denied. Michaud spins off the cage and scores a big takedown. Reversal and Li winds up on top and Michaud lets out a grimace. He might have landed weirdly and injured himself. Li firing off kicks and gets in some good ground-and-pound to end the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Li

Round 2: Michaud was limping noticeably, and they placed ice on his left foot between rounds. Not much limping from Michaud now as the round gets going. Knee to the body and several rights from Michaud, who goes for a takedown and they wind up tied together. Good right from Li and a backfist connect. Some swelling and it looks like a cut has formed under the left eye of Michaud, as Li is finding his range and looking much better. Another shot lands and Li is picking him apart with two minutes to go. Right jab snaps the head of Michaud back. Michaud gets the clinch and fires off several knees, one of which was low. Instead of asking for time, Li just shrugs it off. Michaud tries to pick Li up and take him down and he scores with a minute to go. Michaud working to take the back and he gets in his hooks with seconds to go, wrapping his right-arm around the neck but he isn’t able to secure it.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Li

Round 3: The striking is there for Li, who has been peppering Michaud with his jab since the opening minutes. Michaud continues to push forward, applying the pressure in this fight, but also getting his face worked for it. Michaud on top and scoring some nice elbows, as he breaks open the face of Li with one of the strikes. Blood dripping down the face and Michaud continues to land shots from in close. He’s in half-guard with two-plus minutes to go, as Li is attempting a switch. He moves to the back with a right hook in, but Li defends and gets to his feet, scoring a takedown of his own and landing strikes to the face. Michaud reverses and grabs the neck of Li, holding tight, but he can’t keep it. Now, Li’s on top and landing heavy rights. Both of these men are exhausted, but Li is going to finish in a strong position.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Li

JingLiang Li def. David Michaud via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)