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UFC 172: Chris Beal Vs. Patrick Williams

ufc 172

Chris Beal vs. Patrick Williams

Let’s kick things off in the bantamweight division, as Chris Beal and Patrick Williams make their UFC debuts against one another.

Beal (8-0) owns two knockout victories to his credit, while Williams (7-3) has scored six stoppage wins in his career. Williams is a former Arizona State University standout wrestler who was teammates with UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, Ryan Bader and C.B. Dollaway with the Sun Devils.

Round 1: Beal gets in close and lands a big shot to start the round. Again, Beal ties to land a counter and catches a low blow. Williams quickly takes advantage, going for the back, but referee Herb Dean saw the illegal blow and breaks them up. It was a knee to the groin that connected on Beal. Williams with a nice leg kick, a front-kick and lands a left. Beal counters back and Williams fires his own shot. Nice little scramble filled with strikes there. Right uppercut by Williams stuns Beal and he follows up with a takedown. Beal gives up his neck getting to his feet, gets out and lands a right. Another strike lands by Beal on the exit. Wild first three minutes for both fighters. Kick from Beal that Williams eats and scores with a takedown as we head under two minutes. Beal eats another uppercut and lands a stiff jab that hurts Williams. Beal hurts him and he starts retreating, getting on the bicycle.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Beal

Round 2: Beal opened up a big cut on the head of Williams to close the first round. Beal catches him in the clinch and lands a huge knee. His striking looks to be on-point, as he is more disciplined and using technique, while Williams is throwing with reckless abandon. Beal catches a kick to the body and tags him with a stiff right. And just like that, we have a picture-perfect flying knee from Beal. That was the best knockout I’ve ever seen. Williams is out cold. Beal came flying in from several feet away and landed right below the left earlobe. KO of the year right there, at least a candidate. Joe Rogan called it some “Jet Li stuff right there.”

Chris Beal def. Patrick Williams via KO (flying knee) at 1:51 of Round 2