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UFC 168: Chris Weidman Vs. Anderson Silva

Chris Weidman (c) vs. Anderson Silva for UFC middleweight championship

We’ve reached the main event – and one of the most talked about rematches in MMA history. Chris Weidman (10-0) will try to defend his UFC middleweight title against the man he took it from this past July, Anderson Silva (33-5).

Weidman scored a second round knockout victory earlier this year, becoming the first fighter to defeat Silva inside the Octagon.

Round 1: Loud chants for Silva, as the MGM Grand is packed with Brazilians. Weidman with a takedown less than a minute into the fight, but Silva gets right back to his feet. Nice knee by Silva inside the clinch, and there is definitely no playing around in this fight. Exchange of knees, but Weidman has Silva hurt. Silva goes down and Weidman is attacking, landing several big shots. Weidman grabs hold as he gets stuck inside the guard. Possible submission attempt is there for Weidman, who misses with an elbow. Neither fighter really advancing, but Weidman now has an opening with elbows, connecting on two straight. Under two minutes we go, and Weidman is just out of reach of landing big shows from the top. A “USA” chant breaks out and Weidman answers with an elbow. Silva responding with hammer-fists from the bottom, keeping himself active. Elbow lands by Weidman, who appears to be cut.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Weidman

Round 2: Inside leg kick by Silva, who is on guard at all times so far in this fight. Weidman checks this leg kick attempt. Body shot by Weidman, who proceeds to check a leg kick. Silva drops, as he has likely suffered a broken leg. This one is all over, and Silva’s career could be as well. His leg appears to have snapped, as it was just dangling there.

Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva via TKO (injury) at 1:16 of Round 2