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UFC 167 Set To Air In Movie Theaters This November

Fans can catch UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre on the big screen this November, and I don’t mean in movies.

Several theaters around the U.S. will broadcast UFC 167 on November 16 from Las Vegas. The show marks the 20th anniversary of the UFC, and they have done this before with other highlight events.

“UFC fans will want to experience GSP and Hendricks go head to head in UFC 167 on the big screen,” said Dan Diamond, senior vice president of NCM Fathom Events. “Audiences will feel like they have a ringside seat with every move these fighters make. The only way to get closer to the action would be to get in the Octagon.”

The main event features GSP facing Johny Hendricks for the title. Also, Chael Sonnen will meet Rashad Evans in a key light heavyweight affair.

Over 350 movie theaters will show the event, and you can check the Fathom Events website to find the one closest to you.