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UFC 164: Chad Mendes Vs. Clay Guida

Chad Mendes vs. Clay Guida

Former No. 1 featherweight contender Chad Mendes (14-1) seeks his fourth straight first round finish when he faces Clay Guida (30-13). Mendes is ranked No. 1 in the division, falling to Jose Aldo last year for the title. Yves Lavigne is the referee.

Round 1: Guida is coming right after Mendes, like the old “Carpenter” and not the one that fought Gray Maynard. Mendes said earlier this week he was prepared for any kind of Guida and appears to be correct. Both miss big shots, ducking out of the way with ease. Mendes lands a short, compact strike, stopping Guida for a brief moment. Good exchange by both, as Mendes sprawls off a takedown and goes to lock in a guillotine. He almost has it, rolling to a front mount, but can’t hold on. High kick by Guida is checked, and he misses with a wild overhand right. Mendes catches him with a right on the chin, shoots, but misses on the takedown attempt. Straight right lands from Mendes, and Guida has a cut from it under his eye. They come together and Mendes takes Guida to his back with a minute left. Mendes isn’t able to do a whole lot, but likely enough to secure the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mendes

Round 2: Lots of movement from both, as Guida may have found his match in terms of quickness in Mendes. Nice left from The Carpenter, but Mendes barely flinches. Guida connects with a low kick and tries to apologize twice as the ref tries to separate the two. Guida apologizes again, and we are back to action. Guida shoots and Mendes sprawls, fending it off and taking the back in the process. Mendes waits for him to get up and delivers a perfectly-timed knee to the head. Mendes shoots and Guida defends it this time. Another takedown attempt by Guida gets denied, as the wrestling has been neutralized for both. Just as I write that, Mendes gets a takedown and swiftly moves to the back. Mendes has his right arm chicken winged and moves to secure a potential choke, followed by a knee to the body. Guida goes for a wild takedown, misses and eats several rights and another knee to the body.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mendes

Round 3: Mendes drops him and attacks, landing heavy lefts and a right that floors Guida. You could hear the impact through the TV speakers and Guida curls, sending the ref flying in to save him. Mendes definitely deserves Aldo next after that one.

Chad Mendes def. Clay Guida via TKO (strikes) at :30 of Round 3