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UFC 164: Benson Henderson Vs. Anthony Pettis

Benson Henderson (c) vs. Anthony Pettis for the UFC lightweight title

It’s main event – and rematch – time, as Benson Henderson (19-2) seeks redemption, while also trying to defend his UFC lightweight title, against Anthony Pettis (16-2). “Showtime” won the first encounter via decision in the WEC. The referee will be Herb Dean.

I am very, very, very excited for this rematch years in the making. And yes, the Bradley Center was rocking for Pettis’ entrance, and very vocal against “Smooth.”

Also, the referee outside checking over the mouth pieces and such double-checked Henderson’s mouth for any toothpicks after he had one following a recent victory.

Round 1: No touch of gloves and we are off. Henderson comes out, putting pressure on and driving for a takedown after eating a right. Henderson working the double, switches to a single amid a round of “let’s go Pettis” chants while a few “Henderson” fans peep up. Henderson is working the takedown and kicking out the other leg at the same time, but breaks free and they square off. Again, Henderson pushes through and goes for another takedown. Stiff kick to the lead leg by Henderson and Pettis answers with a right. A lot of jockeying inside the clinch by both fighters, as Henderson continues to wear on him with takedown attempts. Henderson is tying him up and kicking at the calf; that’s totally new to me. Always improving is the champion, as he says, “one-percent better each day.” Pettis with a nasty knee to the body, and another kick to the body, followed by another and he has Henderson running. Pettis’ kicks are just incredible, but he gets taken down for his efforts on his latest attempt. Pettis catches an arm, turns it and this one is over, as Henderson is forced to tap.

Henderson is extremely disappointed and just walks off. Pettis comes over and congratulates him, but that was a shocking end to the match.

Anthony Pettis def. Benson Henderson via submission (armbar) at 4:31 of Round 1