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UFC 117 Pre-Fight Press Conference: Best Quotes from Chael Sonnen

Heavy has put together a collection of the best Chael Sonnen quotes from yesterday’s pre-fight presser. Including this gem when responding to a question about a report that he was feeling sick.

“I’m sore, tired, under the weather, over trained, under motivated and still tough enough to beat this guy.”

When asked if he would show respect to Anderson after the fight.

“Well, I don’t fully know what respect means. That sounds like something a kid says in the street after he’s getting ready to take your coat and shoes, but ya know listen if they wanna talk about respect I don’t do that stuff. I’m here to fight, ok, this is a fist fight to me. You can talk mixed martial arts and you can bow and do all this crap you see in the movies, but when you’re done with it and the guy in the shark suit(Bruce Buffer) gets done saying our names and gets the heck out of the ring I’m gonna get in a fist fight Saturday night in Oakland, California.”

More quotes in the video below.

(Photo via MMA Mania)