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Travis Browne Sums Up Ben Rothwell’s Challenge In Three Letters

Post-fight at UFC Fight Night 26, Travis Browne received a tweet from Ben Rothwell about the two heavyweights setting up a future fight. To Browne, the challenge is a joke and he replied accordingly.

“LOL @rothwellfighter had your chance a yr ago but you magically sprained your little toe and now you want to be given something I’ve earned.”

Rothwell would respond that the callout was based off respect as he thought the pair could put on a performance for the fans. Browne wasn’t buying in and told Rothwell to earn his way up the ladder.

With the win last month, Browne is 15-1 and his last three have all come in the first round. The Hawaiian returned from a hamstring injury this year to dispose of Gabriel Gonzaga and Alistair Overeem.

There’s no confirmation on where the two heavyweights are headed.