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Top 5 Pound for Pound MMA Fighters

I thought Id post who I think are the top 5 fighters in any weightclass in the world. Im sure many will disagree, but before you flame me remember this is just my opinion. Keep in mind this list is for now and not all-time so as of now these who I consider to be the best.

1. Fedor Emelianenko- Im not sure anybody can argue with this one. Fedor is tops in MMA and has been for a while now. Even though he doesn’t fight as much as we would like a fighter of his incredible skills to fight, thats about the only knock on him. Mark Hunt and Crocop were probably his toughest fights (unless you count the Fujita scare). Fedor himself has been quoted as saying Crocop was his toughest fight, getting a broken nose in the process, but he recovered and dominated the fight for an easy decision for the judges. One thing about Fedor is his fights have never been considered close when they were decisions, maybe the Arona fight was the closest he ever came to losing a decision. Is he unbeatable? I dont think anybody is unbeatable in a fight because anything can happen in a fight, but he is the closest we have ever seen to “unbeatable” and it wont change until he actually loses.

2. Maricio “Shogun” Rua- Shogun is such an aggresive force in the ring. He never stops coming at his opponents and when you think hes tired its just his expressions because he never stops the aggression. His ability to land on top of his opponents almost everytime they try to take him down is a skill that only Fedor is his equal at. He has an uncanny ability to recover also, like in the fight with Lil Nog he was hit and knocked down, but his recovery time is almost instant. I cant wait until he fights Forrest Griffin at UFC 76(Confirmed!), personally I think Shogun will massacre Forrest.

3. Anderson “The Spider” Silva- Another product of ChuteBox, Anderson’s skills are unparalled. His striking is so accurate, his jui-jitsu so remarkable and his aggression so intense its hard to bet against him. He has been on a serious roll and it should continue in the UFC with the anticipated rematch with Rich Franklin coming soon. Besides the hiccups in Pride and the DQ kick in the Okami fight his fights speak for themselves. He has yet to go to a decision in the UFC as his record over here reads 1 KO, 2 TKO and 1 choke. What makes him one of the best in the world is his incredible flexability, I mean the guy is never in a bad position, he always looks so relaxed no matter if hes on his back, on top or standing.

4. Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira- Say what you will about Minotauro’s recent not so inpressive showing against Heath Herring, but you can’t argue with his record. Just look at the guys he has beat- Josh Barnett, Crocop, Dan Henderson, Fabricio Werdum and Sergei Kharitonov. Not to mention he went the distance with Fedor twice, which would be a small victory for most of Fedor’s opponents. We all agree that his chin is made of pure steel. No one, and I mean no one has taken the kind of punishment Nogueira has taken over the years. I think we can also agree that his Jiu-Jitsu is second to none.

5. BJ Penn- Nobody can argue with the raw skills of Penn, although it doesn’t always translate into wins and losses, his skills are incredible. His losses, some can be debated and the second Matt Hughes fight he was completely dominating until he gassed or he had an undisclosed injury. An always calm demeanor inside the octagon and uncanny flexability. I’ve never seen a fighter hop around the ring to avoid a single leg takedown so easily as Penn does.

Alot will argue that GSP, Liddell, Rampage, Wanderlei, Kid, Couture, Gomi, Sherk, Dan Henderson, Frank Shamrock and Crocop should be on this. Well let the debate begin!