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Top 5 Most Entertaining Fighters

These are my top 5 fighters who are the most entertaining for me to watch.

5. Antonio Minotauro Nogueira- Theres nothing like seeing a fighter who gets hit over and over again and takes every shot as if a 5-year old were hitting him. Big Nog has been in some of the most entertaining fights ive ever seen. If not for his ability to withstand punishment the Fedor fights may have been over very quickly and not nearly as entertaining. When Big Nog fights I will always watch because you know you might see something you’ve never seen before. Favorite fights- Nog vs Sapp, Nog vs Crocop, Nog vs Herring 1, Nog vs Fedor 1 and 3.

4. Nick Diaz- Diaz is an animal when he steps into a fight, he has what any great fighter needs, relaxation when things aren’t going your way. He never panics in a fight and he is always cocky and confident. You can just tell that he loves what he does, and he can also take some serious punishment. He throws so many punches that his opponents just dont have time to take a break and jiu-jitsu is incredible. After taking so much punishment in the Gomi fight he got taken down, but had the wits to slap on the most beautiful gogoplata you’ll ever see. Favorite fights- Diaz vs Gomi, Diaz vs Lawler, Diaz vs Jeremy Jackson 2 and 3.

3. Randy Couture- I will never get tired of watching Couture “shock the world” as he has done so many times. Most recently totally dominating the bigger, younger Gabrial Gonzaga eventually stopping him in the third round. He is the ultimate underdog in almost every fight, whether its size or age it just doesn’t matter to the natural. He’s a “truth machine” and if your not in supreme mental and physical condition he will expose it. Favorite fights- Couture vs Liddell 1, Couture vs Belfort 1, Couture vs Sylvia, Couture vs Rizzo 1, Couture vs Gonzaga.

2. Fedor Emelianenko- What makes Fedor so fun to watch is you know he’s the best and any trouble that you think he’s in you stand up and watch to see how he’s gonna get out of this one. If you love MMA then you just have to watch and appreciate the incredible skill, strength and intelligence that Fedor exhibits in every fight. He is a champion in every sense of the word, he’s humble and has total respect for every fighter who steps in the ring. There is nobody else in MMA that makes a ground fight as exciting as Fedor, you will not see anyone else punch that hard on the ground and any other Heavyweight at least display the speed of which he submits people. Favorite Fights- Fedor vs Crocop, Fedor vs Fujita and pretty much all of them.

1. Wanderlei Silva- They call him the “Axe Murderer” for a reason, his intensity and staredowns are legendary. If I was in there nad he was bouncing back and forth staring me down I’d probably bow down, forfiet and kiss his toes. His intensity is only matched by his tremendous fighting talent. When I think of a fighter to show to people who are new to MMA and looking to get into it, the Wanderlei DVDs start popping in and it doesn’t stop. Ive had friends who had never seen a MMA match in their life (I know sad, right) and when I show them a Wandy fight they usually say “you got any more of his fights”, I say yes and a sleepless night ensues. Even when he loses, the fights are still incredible to watch because you know he’s giving it his all in every fight. He also may have the most devastating Muay Thai knees you’ll ever see. Favorite fights- Every single one of them.

I gotta say I was torn between Shogun and Nog for the final spot, I chose Nog because of the incredible comebacks he has on his record. Shogun is certainly worthy though.