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Top 10 K1 Kickboxing Fight Videos

I’m fairly new to the K1 game, but I’ve now been addicted to watching the K1 fights on the net for about a year now and here are my top 10. My apologies to the truly hardcore K1 fans if I miss some of the better ones, feel free to post links in the comments. I’m in the process of starting a K1 video blog, same as this site, but with K1 fights.

10. Remy Bonjasky vs Bob Sapp-K1 World Grand Prix 2003

9. Mark Hunt vs Jerome LeBanner 2-K1 WGP 2001

8. Melvin Manhoef vs Remy Bonjasky-K1 WGP Amsterdam 2008

7. Remy Bonjasky vs Badr Hari-K1 WGP 2007

6. Mirko Crocop vs Ernesto Hoost-K1 WGP 1999 Tokyo

5. Glaube Feitosa vs Gary Goodridge 1-K1 WGP 2005 Las Vegas

4. Semmy Schilt vs Remy Bonjasky-K1 WGP 2005- A Straight Up Massacre!!

3. Gary Goodridge vs Chalid Arrab-K1 WGP 2006 Las Vegas

2. Badr Hari vs Ruslan Karaev 2-K1 WGP 2007 Yokokama

1. Ray Sefo vs Mark Hunt-K1 WGP 2001 Fukuoka