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Top 10 Funniest MMA Quotes

Hey everyone I felt like writing something today and figured this might be a good subject. This whole list could be Rampage quotes but Im only gonna put 2 of my favorites, so I can let some other people have some quote glory. *Warning* Some explicit language!

10. Mauro Ranallo Talking about Minotauro- “He’s takin an unbelievable amount of punishment over the years, but the question is will he pay the price later on in life”- This always gets a laugh out of me because he has said it numorous times and whoever the other announcers are, they become totally silent because its obviously not appropriate to say.

9. Wanderlei Silva- “I want to Fuck Chuck”- Those english classes werent going well apparently, as Wandy was trying to say I want to fight Chuck.

8. Rampage- “Is that Heath’s nut hangin out”- Quinton was announcing the second fight between Nogueira and Heath Herring, when he noticed how short Heath’s shorts were.

7. Ken Shamrock- “I will beat you into a living death”- Ken’s quotes could have their own article too.

6. Forrest Griffin- “He did exactly what I wanted him to do and he knocked me the fuck out”- Forrest after getting KTFO by Keith Jardine.

5. Anything that comes out of Bill Goldberg’s Mouth- Funny in a sad way.

4. Bas Rutten- “Maybe he smokes”- Basito responding to Rampage talking about Fujita’s yellow teeth after being choked out by Fedor.

3. Tim Sylvia- “Bring on Fedor”- Funny because if that fight were to happen he’d probably be out cold or submitted in the first round.

2. Stephen Quadros- “The touching of gloves may be the only punch Fujita lands”- Before the Fedor/Fujita fight, little did he know what would transpire.

1. Rampage- “You can make a mistake and get caught in a submission, but Chuck made a mistake and he got caught in an ass whoopin’.”- Quinton after knocking out Liddell.

Well thats my list, if anyone has some good ones leave a comment.

New fight video later on.