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Tito Ortiz: Cyborg is the “pound-for-pound best girl in the world”

On Friday night, Cris “Cyborg” Justino (12-1, 1 NC, MMA) will debut with Lion Fight 11 in a full rules Muay Thai bout. Known to the MMA community for her tremendous knockout power, which has earned her two titles in different MMA organizations, Cyborg will now put her stand-up skills to the test against French Muay Thai Champion Jennifer Colomb.

While Cyborg waits to book her first title defense in Invicta FC, which is being targeted for later this year, she’ll keep active by fighting with Lion Fight on Sept. 20.

Heading up Cyborg’s management team is none other than Tito Ortiz, who joined MMA Fight Corner for an interview on Tuesday to discuss her upcoming fight at Lion Fight 11.

Ortiz believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that booking Cyborg for Muay Thai and MMA fights will help her reach her ultimate goal – proving to the world that she’s the best female fighter of her time.

“It’s tough. It’s still tough because I’ve got to make sure I make the right decisions for her future,” Ortiz stated. “It’s difficult sometimes, but with Cris it’s really, really easy. The girl trains like no other, I mean she trains 7 days a week. She doesn’t take much time off at all and she wants to fight. She wants to fight the best girls around. She’s like ‘I don’t care who it is, I’ll fight.’

“Her opponent pulled out just last week and she was like, ‘I don’t care who they give me, just give me someone to fight. I don’t care.’ She just wants to keep the ball rolling. She dominated her last fight by winning the Invicta Championship. She’s just, like I said, one of the pound-for-pound, best women in the world, by far.”

At Lion Fight 11, Justino will clash with Jennifer Colomb on the main card which will air on AXS TV. The 30-year-old French fighter comes in as a late replacement for Martina Jindrova and has had only seven days to prepare for the match. An undefeated prospect with 10 knockouts to her name, Colomb has a tough task ahead in meeting Cyborg in her American debut on short notice.

Despite the late opponent change, Ortiz says Cyborg’s game to fight anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“I’ve watched her spar. I watched her train with other people. We can’t get girls to spar with her because it’s too easy for her. We have to get guys to spar with her, that’s how it’s been for six months now,” Ortiz said. “She hits like no other. Her timing is perfect and we’ll see on Friday.”

Many fans have wanted Cris Cyborg to battle current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to prove which of two is in fact the best athlete. After Cyborg signed with Invicta FC, the talk died down a bit. Ortiz is confident that once Cyborg dominates at Lion Fight 11 there will be no denying who the top female fighter is.

“I think at this time people want to see who the best woman on the earth is. Some people say it’s Ronda. Some people say it’s Cris. The way Cris has been dominating, I believe in the way I watch Cris and how well-rounded she is as a fighter in mixed martial arts,” said Ortiz. “I believe she’s the pound-for-pound best girl in the world. Ronda to me, she’s a great competitor. She’s a great champion of course, but she’s on a bigger stage in the UFC. They can paint the picture the way they want it to make people believe something that may not be as true as what I see in Cris Cyborg. People watch Cris Cyborg compete and dominate time and time again, and that’s why I’m putting her in a kickboxing match to show how dangerous she is on her feet.”

Ortiz also clarified that Cyborg fighting in Muay Thai in addition to MMA isn’t a one time deal. He said he would like to see her compete on both platforms as often as she likes.

“This is a question she comes to me about all the time. She’s all ‘I want to fight. I love fighting Muay Thai because I’m able to punch and kick girls in the face and knock em out. I like MMA because I can keep continuing to get my world titles.’ People have got to understand Cris Cyborg is like no other. She is a fighter. She loves to fight.”