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Titan FC Returns Behind The Vision Of Jeff Aronson (Exclusive)

Titan FC Returns Behind The Vision Of Jeff Aronson (Exclusive)

Jeff Aronson has found success at every level of professional job he has undertaken.

Now, Aronson steps into the world of running an MMA promotion after years directing Alchemist Management.

Titan FC will return to the scene later this month with Titan FC 27 from Kansas City. The event airs on CBS Sports Network, providing a platform to showcase the likes of Mike Ricci, Jorge Gurgel, Anthony Gutierrez, Matt Riddle and others.

It didn’t take Aronson and company long to secure a roster filled with notables, as his years of work in the MMA community guiding the careers of such fighters as Rory MacDonald, Jake Shields, Nate Marquardt and others.

“It’s a very exciting time and moment for all of us,” said Aronson, during a recent interview with FightLine. “I’ve developed some strong relationships in MMA and I feel like people trust me. They trust me to bring them fighters, knowing I will put them on a great stage and they will be able to fight against top-level talent.

“Before Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez or Jon Jones were in the UFC, they fought somewhere else. There is incredible talent in the world that haven’t reached the big show yet; and we can offer them a stage.”

On February 28, Titan FC will broadcast its first show under the direction of Aronson, meaning things are getting “real” real fast.

“It’s been way more than I could have ever anticipated,” Aronson said. “There is just so many moving pieces, so many cogs that have to lineup so that the wheel moves correctly.

“You have to check all the boxes and make sure everything is in place to make it the best possible event for the fans and the fighters.”

Despite the pressure building, Aronson is able to enjoy the moment still, saying, “There is a clock on our website that is counting down to the show. It is getting closer and closer by the day, and each morning, I look at it and realize there is still so much to do.

“But it’s all been a lot of fun and we are going to make sure fight week the fans have fun. We know after this first card, things will go smoother as we build towards our April card – which we are already working on now, as well.”

Why are fighters coming to Titan FC?

Aronson has placed a clause in the contract of each fighter he signs that allows them to leave for the UFC if they come calling.

“I think I’m treating fighters fairly and that’s why they are coming to Titan FC,” he said. “I am giving them an opportunity to perform on the best platform possible. We are matching them up with the best fighters we can match them up up.

“We are offering bonuses for finishes, and those Zuffa-out clauses will make guys go for broke because they want to put on the best performance possible.

“We all win when fighters do that. That’s the goal: to put on the best fights with the best competition. I want everybody to walk away from a Titan FC show saying they just saw an incredible event.”

After signing the likes of Ricci, Riddle, Gutierrez and Kurt Holobaugh for February’s event, Aronson went out and added Dave Herman, Vinny Magalhaes, George Sotiropoulos, Marcus LeVessur, Jeff Curran and Walel Watson.

Not to just rest on bringing in veterans, Titan FC has also added Mirsad Bektic, regarded as one of the top featherweight prospects in the world, and several other highly-regarded fighters looking to make a name for themselves.

“In every division, we are stacked,” he said. “We’ll be putting out our complete roster soon and there are just so many incredible names on there, prospects on there; it will floor your mind.

“We are going out of our way to make everything right. With CBS Sports behind us, we are doing big things, fun things, have a great partner and we all have the same kind of vision.”

Leaving Alchemist to run Titan FC

Aronson had a long conversation with his partners at Alchemist before deciding to venture off into the world of being an MMA promoter.

“We had long talks, and we all felt that everybody had a good handle on it,” Aronson said. “Between all of us, we’ve probably been to over 200 UFC events, so we’ve seen how things should run.

“We decided if this was something I was going to do, we had to divide church and state, and I had to resign from Alchemist to take over Titan full time.”

Aronson admitted that “Alchemist is an incredible source of pride. We’ve signed some of the best fighters in the world and cultivated some of the best fighters. To see how it’s grown over the last four years…it’s an incredible thing.

“But this is a new challenge and I am always looking to challenge myself. I don’t like to sit still too long. It’s exciting.”

Making Titan FC his own

The name, Titan FC, has been around MMA for a while now. Joe Kelly previously led the promotion, which still exists to this day in terms of Titan Entertainment.

“I created Titan FC, LLC., which is a totally new corporation based out of Florida,” Aronson said. “Other than the name, which I kept because I really liked it, this has nothing to do with the old Titan.”

Aronson wants those that come to Kansas City to know they are in for an incredible time with “giveaways, contests, VIP packages, autograph sessions….everything will be geared towards the fans first and the fighters. Our slogan is fans, fighters first and I mean that.”

After fleeing Chicago and New York for Florida, Aronson does know one thing he’ll need to get for himself before coming to the Midwest later this month.

“I lived in Chicago for eight years and grew up in New York, so I know cold,” he said. “But now, being in Florida, I’m used to it being 75 degrees everyday and it being chilly at 68, so I’m not looking forward to the cold.

“I’ll have to buy a winter jacket because the heaviest thing I have is a sweatshirt.”

You can follow Aronson on Twitter, along with Titan FC.