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Titan FC 27: Kurt Holobaugh Vs. Eric Marriott

Titan FC 27: Kurt Holobaugh Vs. Eric Marriott

Kurt Holobaugh vs. Eric Marriott

We head to the lightweight ranks next, as Kurt Holobaugh collides with Eric Marriott.

Holobaugh (11-2) has won two straight since his 2013 release from the UFC after a decision loss to Steven Siler. Marriott (22-7) has posted a 4-2 mark in his last six, with both losses being decision defeats.

Round 1: Holobaugh catches him up against the fence, landing a nice knee to the body. Another knee lands and Marriott has seen enough and powers off the fence. Holobaugh almost catches Marriott with a knee to the face inside the clinch. More body work by Holobaugh, who rocks Marriott and pounces. He has his neck, lands a knee to the face and releases the submission. Holobaugh still attacking, side kick connects and two more knees to the body. A knee to the head and Marriott shoots for a takedown. Holobaugh has his neck and has it locked in while in full-mount. He surrenders the choke and is in a strong position. Big cut opened up on Marriott, who eats a huge shot again. Looking for a kimura is Holobaugh, who transitions back to ground-and-pound.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Holobaugh

Round 2: We have a stoppage, as there was a low blow and a halt in the action. Holobaugh was looking for a kick to the midsection, but connected low and Marriott dropped. Marriott in top position after a kimura attempt by Holobaugh. Nice switch by Holobaugh to gain the top position now after Marriott wasn’t able to do much damage. However, Marriott has a possible leg lock with two-plus minutes left, but Holobaugh breaks free. Marriott still searching for a submission, taking punishment to the body in the process.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Holobaugh

Round 3: Holobaugh coming out aggressive, taking advantage of an out-of-place Marriott and securing a takedown. He’s moved into a potential head-and-arm choke position with four minutes left in the round. Marriott is still swinging for the fences, goes for a leg lock but winds up on his back and eating several punches to the face. Just like that, Marriott lands a huge shot and drops Holobaugh. He pounces, but Holobaugh appears to have recovered and is in butterfly guard. Both guys are looking for a leg lock, but Holobaugh gains side control as we approach one minute.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Marriott

Kurt Holobaugh def. Eric Marriott via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)