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Time to Rejoice: UFC Sends in Request for Monitors for Judges

MMA Fighting reports.

Marc Ratner, the UFC’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, informed MMA Fighting that the organization has formally submitted a request to the Nevada State Athletic Commission to install monitors as a backup viewing option for the judges assigned to score the bouts at UFC 130.

“I’ve emailed [NSAC Executive Director] Keith [Kizer] and asked him to put the request on the next agenda. We believe these monitors will be another look to help with the judges,” Ratner wrote via e-mail.

It’s reason to get excited that the UFC is at least taking some sort of initiative for the future. The bad news is that it’s ultimately up to the commission which means the same incompetent people that have been running it for years will be deciding if this is ok. It’s just common sense that the old motif of “the judge has the best seat in the house” is ridiculous in this day and age. Why do fans complain about scoring? Because we have a better view on our couch than judges do in the arena.