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Tim Kennedy Out-Grapples Michael Bisping for the Decision

Tim Kennedy Out-Grapples Michael Bisping for the Decision

-Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy 

Round 1: Kennedy wastes no time getting Bisping down, scooping him up with a double-leg and battling to keep the crafty Brit on his back. After a couple minutes the TUF winner gets up, yet Kennedy drags him to the canvas, and with a minute left the American briefly gets mount and back-mount before he’s on top again dropping fists.

Round 1 goes to Kennedy.

Round 2: In a complete departure from Round 1’s tactics, Kennedy waits a few minutes before attempting a takedown, instead allowing Bisping to find his range with his boxing. Kennedy does land an uppercut or two, and is able to bob and weave away from a lot of with the Brit throws, but Bisping definitely scores.

Round 2 goes to Bisping.

Round 3: Reverting to the mode of attack that served him well in the first, Kennedy lands a right hand and then nails the takedown, and he begins to smother his foe. Eventually Kennedy finds mount, where he scores with a few punches while Bisping squirms his way out of taking serious punishment.

Round 3 goes to Kennedy.

Round 4: Bisping is way more cautious, and that caution helps him dodge Kennedy’s attempts to get the fight back down to the ground. It doesn’t, however, help Bisping dodge the sneaky right hands that Kennedy feeds him. The round ends with the American bleeding, but he’s likely won the round.

Round 4 goes to Kennedy.

Round 5: A minute in and Kennedy gets the takedown. They’re remain there for a couple minutes, but referee Yves Lavigne doesn’t like what he sees and stands them up – which gives Bisping a much-needed chance to win. Does he make the most of it? Well, he scores a bit with his boxing. Whether it’s enough…

Round 5 goes to… beats me.

Result: Tim Kennedy def. Michael Bisping via Unanimous Decision