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The Three Stars Of UFC 181

ufc 181

The UFC set the stage for a monumental conclusion to the pay-per-view run in 2014, placing two titles on the line and making a special announcement at UFC 181 Saturday night.

In the end, while the signing of former WWE champion CM Punk might have overshadowed the performances inside the Octagon, we’re not going to let that happen.

A trio of stars shined bright during the action, and we’ll take a look at who those were below:

Robbie Lawler


After years and years, fights after fights, Robbie Lawler finally became UFC champion. He had to wait and hear what the judges thought once again, but this time, they awarded the decision to him and not Johny Hendricks.

By going after “Bigg Rigg” over the final two rounds, including a stalking performance after the final horn sounded, Lawler ends years of frustration and now sits atop the 170-pound pecking order.

While he could be set for a third meeting with Hendricks, the division also boasts Rory MacDonald, a handful of other contenders and the ever-lingering possibility that Georges St-Pierre returns.

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