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There’s A New Gracie in Town

I encourage everybody to read the always excellent “New Guys” article from our friends over at Cage Potato here’s a little info on the most talked about newcomer of UFC 109.

Lowdown: The first Gracie to compete inside the Octagon since Royce (Rolles’s second cousin), this 31-year-old up-and-comer has a lot of expectations to live up to — and judging from his grappling credentials, which include three Pan American jiu-jitsu titles, Rolles should do just fine in the promotion that his family built. But make no mistake, Rolles represents a new generation of Gracie fighter. As he told UFC Magazine: “I’m not going to walk into this holding on to the things that happened two decades ago. If I had that line of thinking, I’d get crushed…With the training I do, I can show it all