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The Ripple Effect: Fedor Emelianenko

(Pic via Yahoo)

Ripple Effect– The effect of one event setting off other events in an unexpected way, or unexpected areas.

The greatest heavyweight mixed martial artist in history was derailed last night in a shocking outcome that turned the MMA world upside down. Let’s take the pulse of the reactions this monumental event produced.

Play-by-Play Calls around the internet.

Sherdog– Werdum grazes his toes off the left knee of Fedor with a low kick. Werdum steps forward and Fedor levels him with a punching flurry. Fedor pounces and tries to finish Werdum on the floor. Werdum locks on an armbar and Fedor escapes. Werdum latches on a triangle. It’s tight. He alternates between armbar and triangle for several tense moments. An armbar is deep. Fedor tries to fight out, but his arm is beyond the point of no return and the choke is tight. Fedor taps. The official time is 1:09 of round one. Werdum is the winner by huge upset. Fedor is emotionless in defeat.

Cage Potato– Round 1: Werdum tries a leg kick that misses. Fedor whips a punch combo to the body and head that drops Werdum. Fedor goes in for the kill, but Werdum locks a triangle from the bottom. Oh man. Oh God. Werdum switches to an armbar. FEDOR TAPS. FEDOR TAPS. FEDOR TAPS.

BloodyElbow– Round 1 – Werdum misses with a low kick. Fedor drops Werdum in an eschange and Werdum almost catches an arm. Werdum with a triangle that is locked in deep. fedor is in major trouble! FEDOR TAPS! FEDOR TAPS!

MMA Fighting– Round 1: Werdum enters in his gi, Fedor with his customary blank stare. Big John McCarthy tells them to get it on, and they circle each other in the center of the cage. Fedor clips Werdum in the fist punching exchange and the Brazilian topples backwards. Emelianenko jumps on him immediately and Werdum reaches for an armbar. Fedor escapes, but in his zeal to hit Werdum he gets caught up in a triangle choke. It’s tight, and his head is visibly changing colors. Emelianenko can’t pull out of it, and Werdum is also putting pressure on the arm. One light tap from Fedor, and it’s over. Werdum leaps to his feet and runs screaming in joy to his corner…And just like that, the aura of invincibility is shattered.

My twitter. I admit, I’m a horrible tweeter, maybe I’ll get better someday, but I did feel compelled to write something and movie references end up in everything I write just cause I’m a nerd like that.

Other interesting tweets.

ShoSports– Scott Coker of @strikeforce said “Fedor got caught. I would not want to be the guy who has to fight him next.”

Loretta Hunt– Just talked with some of Fedor’s camp. After the loss, he was consoling them all, telling them everything would be OK.

MiddleEasy– We just contacted EA Sports, they said they will most likely tweak Fedor’s attributes and rankings before EA Sports MMA is released.

Jordan Breen– So, does this mean that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is again the strongest fighting style in the world?
-I love how I waited seven-plus years for a 69-second triangle armbar and a guy saying “My feel is vera vera hep.”

M-1 Global’s director of operations Evgeni Kogan– And all the pressure is suddenly gone. For good.

Fight Matrix has the new computerized rankings- via Middle Easy

Johnathen Snowden of Bloody Elbow suggests that Fedor may be fighting in the wrong weight class. Which seems absolutely insane to me.

If you were describing Fedor’s physique in a single word it might be “doughy.” Tonight he was sporting love handles that would be too much for even the mammoth pawed Shane Carwin to grab in a single handful. In the past, when Fedor was younger, quicker, and stronger, this wasn’t a huge issue. Against today’s crop of giant heavyweights? It can make all the difference.

From Fedor Himself.
-“The one who doesn’t fall doesn’t stand up,”
-““At the very beginning of the round, I hit Fabricio and I wanted to finish the fight as soon as possible and at that very moment I made a mistake.”
-“It happens that I was made kind of an idol,” said Emelianenko. “Everybody loses. That happens. I’m an ordinary human being, as is all of us and if it is God’s will, the next fight I will win.”
-“I am very, very sorry and it’s a pity that I disappointed people that really believed in me and trusted me, but everything in this life happens for some reason,”
-“I tried to work out (motivated) to come into the fight in my best shape and the fight today showed that maybe I didn’t work enough,” he said. “I didn’t manage to make all my technique to become automatic. That means I will have to work more.”

Some of the Latest Videos

I will say that this hugely shocking upset has reinforced my love of MMA and this blog will be a whole hell of a lot better for it with more videos, more writing and more discussions. Later on I will have a more personal and sort of philosophical look at Fedor vs. Werdum, stay tuned.