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The MMA Word Episode #25 w/ Bobby Razak, Luke Thomas, and UFC 170 Recap

The MMA Word Episode #25 w/ Bobby Razak, Luke Thomas, and UFC 170 Recap

UFC 170 was a whole lot better than UFC 169.  Both events ended with Herb Dean making a quick decision to end the main event in the first round that drew the ire of some mma fans.  Have no fear, The MMA Word mixed martial arts podcast is here to grant you the clarity needed to understand the nature of the Universe.  And Herb Dean.  We’ve got another busy episode this week.   Here’s what we’ve got lined up:


—UFC 170 Recap:  Rousey blasts McMann in the liver, DC makes short work of the Cummins.   I give my thoughts on the event, along with some ideas about where the night’s biggest winners might go from here.


–Bobby Razak Interview:  MMA Filmmaker extraordinaire Bobby Razak  (@bobbyrazak) joins us this week to talk about his upcoming film, Mask, about the late Charles “Mask” Lewis, and a few other projects he’s working on.  We got a little off-topic and I ranted about Star Wars a bit, but I think we got back around to talking about fighting.


–Luke Thomas Interview:  Luke Thomas ( @SBNLukeThomas) joins the show this week to discuss all things Bellator, ahead of their upcoming Season 10 debut this Friday.  We go over some of the bright spots on the season premiere,  Bellator 110, and discuss the Gilbert Melendez situation and its potential impacts on the sport as a whole.


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