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‘The Expendables’ Behind the Scenes: 5-Part Featurette

Thanks to one of my favorite internet destinations Beyond Hollywood for the feature. If you’re interested in the movie(you should be) then all 5 are worth the watch, but if you’re only an MMA addict, your fix is Part 2.

Part 1: Hostage Scene- In the first part check out what went into filming the intense hostage scene in the movie.

Part 2: Soldiers- Stallone goes to Brazil to scout some MMA fighters to play soldiers and on his way meets up with Nogueira and Anderson Silva.

Part 3: Meet the Stars- Check out the incredible cast of this action packed film.

Part 4: Fight Scene- Check out the infamous fight scene that left Stallone hospitalized.

Part 5: Stunt Plane Test- Check out what it’s like working with a stunt plane for one very intense action scene.