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Tatsuya Kawajiri Makes Plea For “One More Fight” After Cub Swanson Loss

Tatsuya Kawajiri

Tatsuya Kawajiri has been in MMA since 2000 and the with the UFC since 2014.

He suffered a second straight decision loss to Cub Swanson this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 92, falling to 35-10-2 overall and 3-3 inside the Octagon.

While unsure of what the promotion might do, Kawajiri took to social media to make a plea for another chance to prove himself:

I touched on this issue via twitter but I would like to write about this on facebook as well.

The decision will not be over-turned.

I know that.

I also know that I maybe throwing a cold water onto those fans that have said “very inspired from watching that fight”, and I also know that I may look ungraceful by writing this.

You never leave it to the judges?

Agreed, sounds reasonable.

I understand that too.

Some might say, why don’t you just try harder the next time.

But, I many not have that “next time”.

And, I don’t want to finish my challenge in the UFC by saying nothing so I would like to say what I want to say.

I was unconscious for a little bit after getting hit by that knee shot on the ground, therefore, when I spoke to the media after the fight, I guess I didn’t really understand what was going on but when I went back to the hotel and watched that fight again on UFC Fight Pass, my thought have changed.

I am now thinking, did I really lose that fight?

There is a world of difference between winning and losing.

Either maybe being number five in the ranking or maybe being released………its a life-chaging issue for me.

In regards to judges’ decision.

There were two judges that scored 30-27 but after I watched that fight over and over again, there is no way that was a 30-27 fight.

The first round.

In standing, I did land that jabs I practiced so much, and I also landed that one big right straight.

I also scored takedown, and took the mount position as well.

Sure I was force to go back to the half-mount but I did get back to the mount position again.

I think I was in advantage more than half of the round so I don’t think I lost that round.

The second round.

I may have lost that round but I did get hit on the jaw with an illegal knee.

I got hit by that knee and when the referee stepped in, I thought I got KO’d and was stopped by the referee, because, momentarily, I lost my consciousness.

But there was no point deduction.

He took steps into that knee shot so it could have been intentional.

If the point was deducted then that round would have been even, at 9-9.

The third round.

I scored two takedowns including one slam.

First half of the round, I was in control. In the second half, sure, I was on the bottom so I may have left a bad impression but it was a close fight and I feel it could have gone either way.

I think I won the first round.

If the point was deducted then second round would have been 9-9.

And the third round, between Swanson and myself, it could have gone either way.

Either win or draw. I don’t think I lost that fight.

So far, I have fought six times in the UFC.

In these six fights, I have scored takedowns on all of these fights.

The lifeline of my fight style is, takedown then control the opponent.

If I can’t get the point from doing so then there is no way for me to win the fight.

38 years old.

I know I am not so young any more.

That’s why, I thought that fight might’ve ended up being my last chance so I gave everything I had.

But I think I can do more.

Because I didnt’ get beat.

I want one more chance.

If I won that fight I was going to say this –

I want to fight one of those monsters in the top five.

I was going to say, I want to fight Frankie Edgar in New York’s MSG.

I want to prove my strength.

And, I want to prove, even Japanese and Asians can do it.

With my strength, I want to spread and promote a fantastic sport called UFC to all over Japan and the entire Asia.

I feel, that is the mission for a guy like myself who has been fighting 16 years for various promotions.

Lastly, I want to say one more time.

I am not asking to over-turn the decision.

I just want one more chance in the UFC.