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Strikeforce Clarifies Heavyweight Grand Prix Rules

-Well Alistair Overeem’s HW belt will not be on the line at all.
-All fights leading up to the final bout will be 3 rounds.
-The final fight will be 5 rounds for the newly created Strikeforce Grand Prix title.
-Get this, if any fight is ruled a draw there will be a 4th judge that will decide who won, let’s hope Tony Weeks isn’t that judge.
-If any fighter gets injured a replacement will be picked by a 5 man Strikeforce committee and they will pick from reserves and eliminated fighters. Why even have reserves then?
-Scott Coker claims he tried to get all bouts 5 minute rounds, but Josh Gross of ESPN tweets to the contrary.

Hard to digest Coker’s assertion he couldn’t get 5Rs done when Strikeforce never approached New Jersey about it.